How to disable the title bar of a window (undecorated window)

effect - the grey rectangle is the openframeworks window:

Openframeworks undecorated window.png

This tip depends on the renderer you are using! As i'm running linux (on a crappy computer, not sure it is valid for any linux-hardware rig), i had to modify the method setup in [OF_ROOT]/lib/openFrameworks/app/ofAppGLFWWindow.cpp.

ofAppGLFWWindow::setup(const ofGLFWWindowSettings & _settings) {

Then you have to recompile OF. Once again, i'm running linux so i just to do:

$ [OF_ROOT]/scripts/linux/./

To view the result, just clean and recompile any app using OF: done!

All methods to manipulate the window are listed in [OF_ROOT]/lib/openFrameworks/app/ofAppRunner.cpp.

bool ofDoesHWOrientation();
ofPoint ofGetWindowSize();
ofRectangle ofGetWindowRect()
ofAppBaseWindow * ofGetWindowPtr();
void ofSetWindowPosition(int x, int y);
void ofSetWindowShape(int width, int height);
void ofSetWindowTitle(string title);
void ofEnableSetupScreen();
void ofDisableSetupScreen();
void ofSetFullscreen(bool fullscreen);
void ofToggleFullscreen();

You can also get the native objects, depending on the OS:

Display* ofGetX11Display();
Window  ofGetX11Window();

Tested on linux mint 18.3 & of v0.9.8

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