DC-2017-03-0322-20-50-fly throungh - 2017 - screengrab of the realtime version


Disrupted cities [teaser] - 2013

  • Wandering in a city's evocation oscillating between etching and architecture.
  • Wandering in a city's evocation oscillating between scorias and raw mass.


An interactive version of the project will come out during 2017, thanks to the polymorph engine.

Videos (old, 2013)

The first version of this work unit was shown on 3 screens, each one displaying a different sequence of the whole video. It is articulated in 3 phases: shore / meander / dormer.

video credits

  • loïc reboursière [ sound & editing ]
  • françois zajéga [ images & editing ]

Disrupted cities is the result of a collaboration with Loïc Reboursière.

It is divided in three sequences: shore > meander > dormer. The sequences are displayed on three screens, side by side.


  • first version of the project, presented @ jumble art2 in Lille on the 22/02/2013


You can also check the polymorph website for early notes.

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