(Chubby and caballo)
(Her comes the transi)
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Other point of view.
Other point of view.
[[File:Transi rockandroll.png|300px]]
[[File:Transi rockandroll.png|300px]] [[File:Transi backlight.png|300px]]
=== First batch ===
=== First batch ===

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Chubby and caballo

Her comes the transi

Adding a character: Le Transi de Rene de Chalon, 3d scan.

It has been quite a work to rig it and uv unwrapped it, now it is ready for godot, where i will test animations.

Transi 001.png Transi 002.png Transi 003.png

Other point of view.

Transi rockandroll.png Transi backlight.png

First batch

First batch of ingame screenshots.


the 2 scenes

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