(Similar and/or related)
(Similar and/or related)
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== Similar and/or related ==
== Similar and/or related ==
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Mapping Imaginary Cities by [https://github.com/mouse-reeve Mouse Reeve]
* [http://frankiezafe.tumblr.com/tagged/disruptedcities tumblr feed]
* [http://frankiezafe.tumblr.com/tagged/disruptedcities tumblr feed]

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Links and any kind of info related to disrupted cities.

The city as a research

New Babylon

Constant new babylon model bw.jpg Constant new babylon model color.jpg.jpg

New Babylon[1] is an anti-capitalist city, perceived and designed in 1959-74 as a future potentiality by visual artist Constant Nieuwenhuys[2]

The city as an actor

Different story and/or artwork where the city is leaving its role of background to become an actual protagonist of the story, imposing its scale, structure and time to the human-like characters.

Dark city


Darkcity[3], 100min, 1998, by Alex Proyas[4]

The city is shifting every night, while population is in a catatonic sleep. The whole map and architecture is mixed up in front of our eyes, modifying the perception of structural stability, or at least very slow evolution, commonly inferred by the streets and buildings. This movie is the main inspiration for the city generator library[5].


Blame.jpg Blame-killy and shibo.jpg

Blame![6] (original title: ブラム!), 1998 – 2003, by Tsutomu Nihei[7]

The main character, killy, a taciturn and undetermined young adult, is wandering in an endless succession of super-structure (megastructures in the manga) enclosing cities and vast empty space. Along the 10 volumes covering an undefined time, from several years to hundreds. During this journey, the different action scenes are separated by long periods of absolute loneliness. In this story, the city is not decaying but self-regenerate thanks to giant building robots, apparently left on their own and continuously creating new structures. The city is not actually moving by itself, but has no other reason of expending else than the fact of build. It is a self-sufficient object, liberated from its utility to mankind.

In log 57 (~chapter), after climbing a 3000km high stairway, the main character meets an observer whose role is to study a spherical space of 143000 kilometres of diameter[8]. A sensation of vertigo is provoked by the succession of infinite cities and enormous voids.


Blame![9], 106, 2017, by Hiroyuki Seshita[10]. The anime[11] is roughly covering a part of the volume 6.

3 short movies as also been produced around 2003, but very few traces exists in eastern references[12]. They were a mix of several scenes of the original manga, without clear intent to follow chronology.

Mathieu Bablet

La belle mort Adastrée Shangri-La

  • La belle mort, 2001.
  • Adastrée, 2013.
  • Shangri-La, 2016.

Bablet has a romantic vision of the cities. He use them to emphasise the mental state of his characters, often lost, sad and aim-less. Nevertheless, buildings and architectural agglomerates are filling up many pages in his books. The characters, when they are still present in the images, are anecdotal, left aside to justify contemplation of structures and coloured fields.

The city as a frame

  • Akira and Domu[13] by Katsuhiro Otomo[14]
  • Ghost in the shell by Masamune Shirow[15]

Similar and/or related

Mapping Imaginary Cities by Mouse Reeve


expérimenter les techniques les plus pointues dans une ville dense, à haute adaptabilité, à haute durabilité, mieux habitable, incluant une agriculture urbaine high-tech, biologique, productive, tenant compte des contraintes du changement climatique : une «ville numérique et agriculture urbaine bio-high-tech».

Screenshot-2018-2-11 Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator Demo v 0 5b.png

Fantasy Map Generator Demo v. 0.5b by Max Ganiev

Thoushand by Danijel Zezelj.jpg

Thousand by Danijel Zezelj

ToyTown by watabou.png

Toy Town by wartabou


Internet Protocol City by Reynald Drouhin


Dorota Jedrusik: 027 Drawing

WXS+ca-Study 002.png

WXS.ca: Study 002

Tin thoisi2.png

Tin reaction to electricity



Pixelcity city3.jpg

XCEED RadianceScape 3-1296x729.jpg

The Role of Material Evidence in Architectural Research.png

Urban cells.jpg

Wooden inception coffee table.png




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