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* [https://peertube.video/accounts/niggermans123 KFC Bucket Lord] - ''Adolf Hitler BIKE! NAZI GENERATOR'' & ''*Congh Congh* Remix''
* [https://peertube.video/accounts/niggermans123 KFC Bucket Lord] - ''Adolf Hitler BIKE! NAZI GENERATOR'' & ''*Congh Congh* Remix''
* [https://peertube.duckdns.org/account/root/ root @ peertube.duckdns.org]
== tips ==
== tips ==

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Cool accounts & videos in peertube[1] federation.

Peertube mouseCube1046x720.jpg Peertube fluides2D-64x48.jpg

  • dinoba - mouseCube1046x720 & fluides2D-64x48

Peertube - The Niggar Family.jpg Peertube AMERICA FUCK YEAH!.jpg

  • Péťa - The Niggar Family & America fuck yeah

Peertube Adolf Hitler BIKE!.jpg Peertube *Congh Congh* Remix.jpg

  • KFC Bucket Lord - Adolf Hitler BIKE! NAZI GENERATOR & *Congh Congh* Remix


url manipulation #1

let's say you have an account in peertube.mastodon.host and want to like a video in pirtube.cz for instance

just replace the domain by yours:

  • pirtube.cz/videos/watch/b4b111b4-eaa4-43c9-9a27-f1c3ff5f227b
  • peertube.mastodon.host/videos/watch/b4b111b4-eaa4-43c9-9a27-f1c3ff5f227b

the page will reload but the stream will stay the same. You will now be able to comment and/or like the video.

url manipulation #2

to go to the official page of an account, just transform their account tis way:

  • skocdopole@pirtube.cz/videos
  • becomes pirtube.cz/account/skocdopole/videos
  1. Peertube is a decentralised video streaming solution based on peer to peer created in 2015. Available under GNU Affero General Public License. Official website

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