Modular structure research, 3d printable, light-weighted and that doesn't requires any tools to mount. One of the topic was also to use the electric wires as tensioner.



Tri-lamp-v004-details01.jpg Tri-lamp-v004-details02.jpg Tri-lamp-v004-details03.jpg



version 001: jaws to snap the cable and clamps to constraint the jaws. The clamps were too weak to hold the pressure, and the jaws were bitting so much into the cable that the wire was seriously damage during installation.


version 002: Complete revision of the design. The arms are now made of wood and not plastic (print time and cost reduction), making the structure much more modular. The wire is locked without pressure in a locking maze embedded into a small part at the end of each arm. The pieces are drilled to re-enforce their structure.


version 003: The drilling was not making any significant difference on strength. It was also weakening the outer shell of the piece. So we dropped it. h. It was also weakening the outer shell of the piece. So we dropped it.


version 004: After building three modules, the design of the locking maze showed its limits: really hard to adjust the tension on wire and nearly impossible to unmount once the wire was pull tight into it. Therefore, we open the maze to make the wire adjustments easier. Result is convincing: the wire can now be mounted and unmounted easily, and the structure is stiffer.




  • Design and modelling by François Zajéga
  • Printing and advices by Yacine Sebti

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