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* seen 2018/08/05 - 2018 - [https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6768578/ imdb] [https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/dogman_2018 rotten tomatoes]
* seen 2018/08/05 - 2018 - [https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6768578/ imdb] [https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/dogman_2018 rotten tomatoes]
* palace, bruxelles - italy, loneliness, prison, despair, low-life, drugs
* palace, bruxelles - italy, loneliness, prison, despair, low-life, drugs, integrity

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in visioning chronological order, newest first


  • seen 2018/08/05 - 2018 - imdb rotten tomatoes
  • palace, bruxelles - italy, loneliness, prison, despair, low-life, drugs, integrity


Notre jour viendra

  • seen 2018/07/27 - 2010 - imdb rotten tomatoes
  • torrent - cassel, sociopath, delusional, escape, sexuality, north of france, sour


Blame! 2017

  • seen (again) 2018/05/23 - 2017 - imdb rotten tomatoes
  • torrent - dark sf, anime, tsutomu nihei, infnite city, terminal gene, respectful even if slightly wrong

see also Disrupted Cities - docs

Blame-poster.jpg Blame-netflix-760x428.jpg

Insects (Czech: Hmyz)

  • seen 2018/03/26 - 2018 - wikipedia:Insects_(film) imdb
  • Nova - bxls, animation, mixed with documentary, funny, adapted from a Pictures from the Insects' Life by Karel and Josef Čapek.[1], czech, Jan Švankmajer[2].

Insects poster.jpg

Insects still 001.jpg Insects still 002.jpg Insects still 003.jpg Insects still 004.jpg

Black panther

  • seen 2018/03/09 - 2018 - imdb - rotten tomatoes
  • Regal Union Square Stadium 14 - NY, trans-generational fratricide, black supremacy, woman scientist, power ranger tribes


Same kind of structure as in the movie Curse of the Golden Flower: the aristocracy of blood-right is not taken down at the end of the movie, but the story has modified the main male character.

The male figures are surrounded by women, nearly no secondary roles in the black suite of the two protagonists are men:

  • mother of the king (former queen),
  • sister (scientist),
  • future wife (undercover agent),
  • general (in love with a tribe's chief),
  • hacker (cousin sidekicks).

The king's tribe is the only one to have female elite troops, all other have a traditional male only army (gorillas & rhinos). At the crowning ceremony, only male pretenders are shown. Even if the overall societal structure is safe, the king keeping its dominant position at the end of the movie and therefore keeping the patriarchal order, the massive presence of secondary roles generates a fresh breeze across the movie. Some aspects of the king are to be noticed:

  • he kisses the future queen in a shy way,
  • he gives her a responsibility in its new projects,
  • the general is choosing her country and duty over her romantic affair when faced the choice of leaving,
  • the king is mentored by a woman (the general),
  • all young women characters participate in the last combat against male troops,
  • the king proposed a healing to his cousin instead of "finishing him".

The movie might be dangerous because it creates a hope that an fantasmagoric hidden & technologically advanced african country is able to inverse to power relationship between africa and the rest of the world. Even if a fiction can be a powerful kick to free humans from slavery, the way to do it is via an kind aristocracy. The underlying theme of africa oppression is embodied by the vilain, who planned a violent inversion of north/south the power relationship. Even if the movie stays in the entertainment area, it has the merits to talks about these unsolved north/south issues.

By the way, the lecture of the movie by Lupita Nyong'o is very positive for africans identity: https://twitter.com/GlblCtzn/status/987874290933563392


Ni juge ni soumise

  • seen 2018/03/02 - 2017 - imdb
  • cinéma aventure bxls, belgitude, doigts coupés, exhumation, humour, humanité, prostitution, justice, strip-tease


Into me

Into me.jpg


  • seen 2018/02/15 - 2015 - imdb - rotten tomatoes
  • torrent, android, artificial intelligence, baby, die antwoord, empathy, gansta robot

Chappie-Chappie-Final-Poster rgb.jpg

Thor: Ragnarok

  • seen 2018/0?/? - 2017 - imdb - rotten tomatoes
  • torrent, poor plot & acting, pre-juvenile humor, cate blanchett(?), beautiful cg, colorfull planet


Laissez bronzer les cadavres

  • seen 2018/01/21 - 2017 - imdb - rotten tomatoes
  • nova, belgian, western, sorcery, allegory, robbery, not convincing



  • seen ? (completed) - 1968 - imdb - rotten tomatoes
  • cinematek, kitsch, retro-futurism, Paco Rabanne, eroticism, Duran Duran


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

  • seen ? (completed) - 2017 - imdb rotten tomatoes
  • torrent, nauseous humor, aggressive dialogs, very nice cg and color schemes


The Unfulfilled Potential of Video Games

  • seen ? (completed) - 2017 - youtube
  • youtube, video essay, video games, confrontation, ideology, fun theory

The unfulfilled potential of video games.jpg

Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Goodbye uncanny valley

  • seen ? (completed) - 2016 - vimeo
  • vimeo, video essay, computer graphics, cg, wilderness, post-truth, post-cinema, theorical photorealism


Umshini Wam

  • seen ? (completed) - 2011 - vimeo imdb rotten tomatoes
  • vimeo, die antwoord, wheelchair, suburbs, gansta, pokemon, love


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

  • seen 2017/11/? (completed) - 2017 - imdb - rotten tomatoes
  • torrent, colorfull worlds, nice cg, parallel universes, bad acting, basic sexism




String theory

About Testing String Theory by Analogy.gif

Blade runner 2049

  • seen 2017/11/01 (completed) - 2017 - imdb - rotten tomatoes
  • ugc toison d'or, photography & CG++, romantic relation with IA, hologram embodiment, memories factory, augmented vision

Blade-runner2049 poster.jpg


  • seen 2017/10/30 (completed) - 1971 - imdb
  • torrent, poetry, sadness, mysticism, painting, sculpture, water

Stalker 1979 poster.jpg

THX 1138

  • seen ~2017/10/22 (completed) - 1971 - imdb
  • torrent, underground city, inhibiting drugs, no border spaces, christ, skins

Thx1138 movie poster.jpeg


  • seen ~2017/10/20 (completed) - 2012 - imdb
  • torrent, twisted reality, time & social inconsistency, french accent, lost dog

Wrong the movie poster.jpg

Tank girl

  • seen 2017/10/16 & 17 (completed) - 1995 - imdb
  • torrent, desert, grunge, feminism, real character + anime, cobain (ost), iggy pop
  • Tank Girl = Riot Grrl?


Virtual Revolution

  • seen 2017/10/10 (completed) - 2016 - imdb
  • torrent, blade runner-like merged with kind-of sucker punch


The dark tower

  • seen 2017/10/10 (completed) - 2017 - imdb
  • torrent, parallel worlds, psychic power, king arthur


Logan's run

  • seen 2017/10/09 (completed) - 1976 - imdb
  • torrent, dome city, limited lifetime, sadmen, cardboard models++

Logan s run.jpg

StarCraft 2 - Legacy of the Void

  • seen 2017/10/09 - 2015 - youtube wikipedia
  • youtube, game, cinematic, protoss, 3d, fan-made

Horizon : Robot Dinosaur World

Le fidèle


In the aftermath

  • seen 2017/10/05 (completed) - 1988 - imdb
  • torrent, real character + anime, dark, serie z

In the aftermath.jpg In the aftermath2.jpg

Under the skin

  • seen ? (completed) - 2013 - imdb rotten tomatoes
  • torrent, art & essay, android, minimal dialog, superb photography, empathy to robots, flaying



  • seen ? (completed) - 2010 - imdb rotten tomatoes
  • torrent, quiet, superb photography, quiet aliens, restricted area





  • torrent, imdb, wikipedia
  • far future, artificial consciousness, western, park, android

The strain


Mr. Robot

Mr robot.jpg

  • torrent

The Man in the High Castle

Man in the high castle ver11.jpg

  • torrent, imdb, wikipedia
  • Philip K. Dick, nazi, alternative future

Rick and Morty


  • torrent

True detective

Sample poster of hbo s true detective by estwood-d77upkt.jpg

  • torrent

Better call saul

Better call saul season 1 tv poster 1.jpg

  • torrent

Breaking Bad


  • torrent




  1. Pictures from the Insects' Life on wikipedia
  2. Jan Švankmajer on wikipedia

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