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== Recent changes ==
<html><div class="main_newslist"></html>
<news news limit="2000" unique nominor namespaces="0">
* [[{{{pagename}}}]] - {{{timeanddate}}}
== Recent changes (extended) ==
Click on the name of the page in the black panel, not on the preview.
<html><div class="main_newsblocks"></html>
<news news limit="2000" unique nominor namespaces="0">
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Main work units[1]


Disrupted Cities - ballad in a virtual city

Carnages-banner-hitomi and the yakuzas.jpg

Carnages - videos generation


Tanukis - avatar based


Genealogy - generative art

  1. I choose to avoid the word project (everybody has projects) and, from now on, I'll call the different pieces I'm working on work unit. About Work Unit.

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